Help for Hate Crime, Extremist Violence and Terrorism

It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, or who you love – no one has the right to threaten, insult or attack you because of who you are. This is illegal and is a criminal offence!
And yet, ill-treatment (discrimination) and politically motivated threats and intimidation frequently happen in public places, buses and trains, at work, in public offices or in sport.

Politically extreme and prejudice-motivated violence (Hate Crime) is a criminal offence wherein the offender/perpetrator targets people because of their (perceived) membership in a specific group or gender.

This includes assaults motivated by anti-Semitism, racism, right-wing extremism, anti-Gypsyism, sexism, as well as violence against homeless people, people with disabilities, women, homosexuals and transgender.

The following is a summary of the support and help services in Berlin

“AnDi”, The Berliner Anti-discrimination APP provides access to multi-language information and help for discrimination and equal treatment. You can directly report incidents of discrimination and find the appropriate support services here. To download the App (only in German).

The Berlin Anti-Discrimination and Counselling Services (only in German) provide confidential and professional support, escorting to court, and liaising with the police and other support centres on your behalf free of charge.
Counselling centres also provide assistance with initial applications for compensation.

Further Help

The Berlin State Commissioner for Victims of Violent Crime is also a contact person for victims (only in German).

Victims of hate crime/extremist violence can also apply for financial support. The following counselling centres can assist you:

These counseling centers can also support you in this process.

Support after a Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attacks are a special form of political extremist violence.

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