Protecting yourself / Keeping Safe

If you are in immediate danger, it is important to act quickly and find safety.

You can always call the police at 110.

If the offender is near you or your home and is threatening you, call the police.
If possible, go to a safe and secure place and/or leave your flat.
You could go to your neighbor or go out in the street or look for safety in a public place such as a restaurant, café, or anything similar.

The police can provide safety and protection

The police can issue a restraining or protective order. This means the offender must immediately leave the premises, for example, your shared home, and he/she is banned from entering your home for the next two weeks. This will give you some time to reflect and consider your next steps.

Moreover, you can apply for a no-contact order/non-molestation order and/or an occupation order at the Family Court of the district you live in.

Family Courts in your district and further information:

Please contact a counselling centre for assistance and support.

Telephone and personal support

  • BIG Hotline – Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen
    (Berlin Initiative against Violence against Women)
    Telephone: +49 30 611 03 00
  • Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen
    (The Violence against Women Support Hotline)
    nationwide, 24 hours, anonymous
    Telephone: +49 8000 116 016
  • Hilfetelefon Gewalt an Männern
    (The Violence against Men Support Hotline)
    nationwide, anonymous
    Telephone: +49 800 123 99 00 (only in German)



If you can no longer stay in your home due to threats or violence, or you are in need of immediate protection, you can find refuge in the following shelters: Women Shelters and Transitional Housing Berlin/Brandenburg (only in German).

If you need support in searching for a place or a flat in a women’s shelter:

BIG Hotline – Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen
(Berlin Initiative against Violence against Women)
Help for Domestic Violence against Women and Children
Telephone: +49 30 611 03 00


Men are best advised to contact one of the following counselling centres, which can support them in taking the next possible steps:

Young people (13-20 years old)

  • Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle KUB
    (Contact and counselling centre)
    for young people till 20 years old who mainly live in the streets
    Telephone: +49 30 610 068-00
  • Notübernachtungsstelle Sleep In
    (Emergency accommodation Sleep In at KUB)
    for young people till 20 years old who are in an emergency or crisis situation
    Telephone: +49 30 610 068-17

Further support

You can find further support in our data base.


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